Fairstowe B&B in Crowborough East Sussex

B&B in Crowborough East Sussex
Tel: 01892 665941 Mob: 07876015549


Warren Road
East Sussex

Finding Fairstowe in Warren Road : Because of the variability of satnav and mobile phone availability we recommend having written directions for this end of your journey as, though not remote, we can be tricky to find, particularly after dark.

Enter Warren Road from it's junction with Beacon Road (A26). Staying on Warren Road cross straight over two crossroads. The second has 'Warren Drive Residential Home' sign on the right opposite corner.

We are the 4th gateway on the left after the 2nd crossroad. The house name 'Fairstowe' is visible on a low wall to the right of the entrance gate.

Please park close to the front door.

 If lost please phone : 01892 665941